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Marketing AutomationAutomating repetitive marketing activities such as email sends, social media messaging or ads and other online actions allow you to reach your customer at the right time and place.  In addition, this automated flow nurtures leads and contacts throughout their journey to becoming a customer.  These timely actions are completed with marketing automation software solutions like Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, and HubSpot.

Consider this example. A new contact has just filled out a form on your website for more information.  Based on the original call to action, they are not likely ready to be contacted by sales, but the right marketing automation flow can get them to that point. Immediately, a Thank You email is triggered with some follow up information and a couple of days later more specific information is sent. Did they open your message?  If not, let’s automatically send a reminder.  When they do open, actions taken including opens, clicks and form submissions are taken into consideration for the next marketing step.  Eventually a pre-determined trigger will send this warm lead to sales for contact.

Marketing automation technologies not only save you time but deliver more relevant information in a timely manner.  Our marketing automation services for small and medium sized business include the following:

  • Software consulting
  • Best practices consulting
  • Marketing automation software (Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot, & Pardot) and CRM integration
  • Landing page template creation
  • Forms creation
  • Email template creation
  • Nurture campaign creation
  • Execution

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