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The success of our clients is placed on a framework which consists of Strategy, Execution, & Optimization.  This 3-step process is repeated over and over and the results improve each time.


Before any great execution is an even better strategy.  Strike 3 Marketing values the importance of details; focusing on all the intricacies that tie your story together.

When you partner with S3M, you will experience a robust consulting process where we discover the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of your business and your business goals.  Having this information allows us to formulate a strategy that not only maximizes your visibility and your dollar, but proves to be successful time and time again.


Our  idea of marketing execution comes with different phases; whether for a product, SaaS, or a service.  Pre-launch is spent developing a contact lists, targets, and a social media brand presence.  The Go to Market (GTM) or launch phase allows us to put the most viable solution in front of your audience.  Post-launch is critical.  We value each insight, analyze every result and find potential gaps and seal them.


With the knowledge gained during our post-launch phase in execution, Strike 3 Marketing revamps and tweaks the strategy including spend, placement, audience, and more in order to continue generating more results at an even better cost.  Optimizing all campaigns on a continuous basis ensures that we are continuing to help our clients reach success.